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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Prams

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Prams

Posted by Inner Wolf on 22nd Apr 2024

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Dog prams are gaining traction among UK pet owners as a versatile solution for transporting pets, especially beneficial for elderly dogs, those with mobility issues, or pets recovering from surgery. These prams not only simplify the logistics of pet transport but also ensure that your dog can still enjoy the great outdoors without the physical strain. 

There are a large range of dog prams and strollers available. From those that double and a dog bike trailer and others that collapse like a childs buggy. Let’s delve into the advantages and practicalities of using a dog pram. And here are the answers to a few questions that are often asked. 

Are Dog Prams a Good Idea?

Absolutely, particularly for elderly dogs or those with injuries. Dog prams help avoid the stress on joints and muscles that comes from too much walking. They are also ideal for post-operative recovery when vets often recommend limiting physical activity. By using a dog pram, you can maintain your dog's spirits and engage them with the outside world during their recovery without risking strain from exercise.

Do Dogs Enjoy Being in a Stroller?Burley Ranger

Many dogs enjoy the comfort and the scenery from a dog pram, particularly those who may no longer be able to walk

long distances. For an injured dog or one recovering from surgery, a stroller can be a wonderful tool to keep them engaged and stimulated without physical exertion. Introducing your dog to the dog pram with patience, coupled with positive reinforcement, will help them see it as a safe space rather than a restriction.

Are Dogs in Prams Allowed in Shops in the UK?

Dog prams are often more readily accepted in shops than dogs on leashes, as they keep the pets contained. This is particularly advantageous for elderly or injured dogs who cannot move quickly through busy or crowded environments. Always check the store’s policy first, but many pet-friendly stores are accommodating, understanding that the pram is a necessity for pets with limited mobility.

Can You Jog with a Dog Stroller?

For owners who jog, specially designed dog strollers make it possible to bring your pet along. This is particularly beneficial for dogs recovering from surgery or suffering from arthritis, as they can enjoy the fresh air and stimulation of a jog without physical stress. Ensure that the stroller is designed for jogging, with features that ensure stability and comfort at higher speeds.

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Are Pet Strollers Safe?

When choosing a pet stroller for an elderly or recovering pet, safety is paramount. Ensure that the stroller has a sturdy frame, reliable brakes, secure closures, and a smooth suspension system to prevent jarring movements. A well-chosen dog pram will keep your dog safe and comfortable, whether you are taking a leisurely walk or navigating crowded spaces.

Why Can't You Jog with a Regular Stroller?

Regular strollers lack the specific features required for safe jogging, specifiaclly the fixed large front wheel that ensures stability and the 'speed wobble' you often experience with swivel wheels, which are crucial for the comfort and safety of your pet, especially if they are elderly or recovering from an operation. Using a regular stroller can risk injury both from the lack of stability and the inadequate shock absorption.

Dog prams provide a significant benefit for dogs that are elderly, injured, or recovering from surgery, enabling them to enjoy the outdoors and maintain a high quality of life. They offer not just mobility but also a safe and comfortable way for these dogs to accompany their owners on various outings. If you are considering a dog pram, think about the specific needs of your pet, and choose a model that best supports their health and happiness.

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