Purchase Hire Option on Dog Strollers and Bike Trailers


Innopet and Ibiyaya ranges.

This is different to a Hire Purchase agreement.

You are buying a new product at full price and are supplied with a brand new unused stroller/pram/trailer. This then allows you the option of using the new product upto 4 weeks (28 days) under 'Hire', there is no need to inform us initially of which. If you decide you would like to return it for hire, contact us and, we will have it collected. You will then be refunded a % of the original cost. depending on how long it has been used for. 

However, if during the time you are using it you decide you would like to keep it you can, it was new. There is no need to contact us and let us know you have decided to keep it. It was brand new when you receievd it so you just keep it after the 4 weeks. 

  • There is no need to contact us unless you are 'Hiring' for the 2 or 4 weeks and need to arrange the collection.
  • 7 days refund 82%
  • 14 days refund 65%
  • 21 days refund 55%
  • 28 days refund 47%
  • If we have not been contacted by 28 days from receipt then full ownership is yours.
  • Straightforward and as simple as it sounds
  • NO catches!

This gives you the freedom but also the flexibility that if you had hired one and then decided you would like to by one new you would have both costs. This way you have just the one!