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​  Explore the Great Outdoors with Your Dog: The Hamax Pluto Dog Bike Trailer

​ Explore the Great Outdoors with Your Dog: The Hamax Pluto Dog Bike Trailer

Posted by Inner Wolf on 23rd May 2024

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking to share your adventures with your beloved dog? Look no further than the Hamax Pluto Dog Bike Trailer. Designed with medium-sized and larger dogs in mind, two sizes available, this trailer ensures every journey is a joy, whether you're pedaling through the city or exploring rugged trails.

Hamax Pluto

The Pluto Dog Trailer is not just a way to transport your dog; it’s a mobile haven with adjustable suspension for a smooth ride, and a spacious interior with a low step-in height, perfect for dogs of varying mobility. What's more, it's versatile enough to function as a stroller or a cargo carrier, adapting to your diverse needs.

We haven't forgotten about the unpredictable British weather! The trailer is compatible with additional accessories like a fitted dog bed for extra comfort and a rain cover to protect your dog from the elements, ensuring every trip is comfortable regardless of the weather.

Hamax Pluto

With its easy-to-clean interiors, foldable structure for efficient storage, parking brake, and lockable bicycle arm, the Pluto dog trailer is designed for convenience and safety. It meets rigorous safety standards, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing your furry friend is secure.

Transform your cycling trips and bring your dog along for the ride with the Hamax Pluto Dog Bike Trailer. Embrace a more inclusive and enjoyable outdoor experience and make unforgettable memories with your dog!

For more details and to view the accessories available, visit the Hamax - Inner Wolf.