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​Cycling with Dogs: A Guide to Cycling and Dog Bike Trailers

​Cycling with Dogs: A Guide to Cycling and Dog Bike Trailers

Posted by Inner Wolf on 15th Feb 2024

Cycling enthusiasts who also cherish their dogs often ponder whether they can merge their passion for biking with their love for their four-legged friends. Fortunately, with appropriate gear such as dog bike trailers, you can savour outdoor escapades while ensuring your dog's safety and comfort. This detailed guide will tackle frequently asked questions and concerns about cycling with dogs, focusing particularly on the advantages of dog bike trailers, including those offered by Inner Wolf.

Is Cycling with a Dog Legal in the UK? 

Before you set off on a cycling journey with your dog, it's vital to be aware of the legal aspects in the UK. Although there's no specific legislation banning cycling with dogs, adhering to local rules and considering others on roads or trails is essential. Allowing your dog to tow you on a public byway is not allowed, however there is nothing to say you cannot lead your dog alongside a bike.

Are Bike Trailers Safe for Dogs? 

When biking with your dog, safety is paramount. Dog bike trailers provide a secure and cosy space for your dog while travelling. They are generally built robustly, have a low centre of gravity for stability, and are well-ventilated, ensuring your dog's comfort.

Best Methods for Transporting a dog on a bike.

For transporting dogs on bikes, options include bike baskets, carriers, and trailers. Baskets and carriers suit smaller dogs up to around 10kgs, any large than this dog bike trailers are advantageous for larger breeds, offering spacious enclosed areas, better weight balance, and superior stability, like the DoggyRide Bike Trailer..

Legality of Bike Trailers in the UK 

In the UK using dog bike trailers is legal. However, it's wise to be aware of any specific local regulations, such as leash laws or bike trailer requirements. Consulting local authorities or researching regional guidelines can ensure a lawful and smooth experience.

Attaching a Dog Trailer to a Bike.

Dog bike trailers typically connect to the bike's rear axle or frame, using hitch systems or mounting brackets. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a secure attachment, capable of handling your dog's movement and weight. A more recent development is the Britch connection from Doggyride, which allows the trailer to be connected to pannier/cargo rack. This caters for bike with thru-axles that cannot take the hitch required for the hub connection.

Mini Britch Connection

Safest Way to Walk a Dog on a Bike 

For safe cycling with your dog, appropriate precautions are necessary. Hands-free leash systems like waist belts with bungee leashes are available, but a leash arm (e.g., WalkyDog) attached to the bike is preferable. This setup offers hands-on control while maintaining a safe distance. Training your dog to calmly walk beside the bike and obey commands is also key for a pleasant ride.

Do Dogs Enjoy Bike Rides? 

Dogs' reactions to bike rides vary. While some may relish the experience in a bike trailer, others might require gradual introduction, treats, and praise to get accustomed. Creating positive associations with the trailer is crucial for their enjoyment.

Managing a Dog that Pulls During Bike Rides 

If your dog pulls while biking, addressing this behaviour is important before embarking on rides. Training your dog with commands like "heel" and "stop," coupled with a suitable harness and consistent training, can significantly improve the experience.

What to Do if a Dog is Struck by a Bike? 

Should a dog be involved in a bike collision, immediate and calm action is crucial. Firstly, assess the dog's condition without moving them hastily, as this could exacerbate any injuries. Contact a veterinarian immediately for professional advice. If the dog is mobile and the injuries appear minor, transport them carefully to a vet for a thorough check-up. Remember, safety is paramount, both for you and your dog, when embarking on cycling adventures.

Combining your love for cycling with the joy of spending time with your dog is indeed feasible and rewarding, provided the right precautions and equipment are used. Dog bike trailers offer a safe and enjoyable way to include your furry friend in your outdoor activities. Remember to always consider your dog's comfort, the legalities of cycling with dogs in your area, and to prioritise safety for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for both you and your canine companion.