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Everything you need to know about the Have a go at Canicross sessions at Inner Wolf

Everything you need to know about the Have a go at Canicross sessions at Inner Wolf

Posted by Louise Humphrey @ Paws 4 Running on 18th Jan 2024

Canicross At Inner Wolf Wistow

Paws 4 Running and Inner Wolf have joined forces to give you the opportunity of “Having a go” at Canicross without any expense of buying the kit.

It can all be a bit daunting knowing what you need and how to fit your dog correctly in the right harness.

Have a go session – What happens?

  • We get you and your dog fitted with your harnesses. There are plenty to choose from so we will help you choose the right one.
  • We will teach you the basic commands, to get you going and of course how to stop.
  • We will take you through a few drills to give you that whole experience of Canicrossing with your dog.


Before you come – Important information.

Your dog must be between 12 – 18 th months before we start Canicrossing. If you are unsure, then do seek advice from your vet.

Do not feed your dog immediately before Canicrossing, leave at least 2 hours before going for a Canicross. This is to stop bloat happening which can be life threatening.


  • 1.Where do we meet?

We meet outside the Inner Wolf shop at Wistow Rural centre . Make sure you are there in plenty of time as we will start at 9.30 am.

  • 2.What do I need?

Your dog! No seriously, we run on trails when we Canicross, so a good pair of trail shoes is ideal, especially as it’s usually muddy!

  • 3.I’m not a fast runner.

That’s ok, Canicross is for everyone and one of the things we love is that anyone can do it. Yes people might be faster but a social run is just that, social.

  • 4.I have two dogs I don’t know which one to bring.

Bring them both, a lot of people Canicross with two dogs, it’s great seeing them work as a team.

  • 5.I’m scared of being pulled over; my dog is very strong.

This is why it’s important to have the correct kit and learn the basic commands so you can train and control your dog. Being able to stop it when you want to and “steady it” as you run. The beauty with Canicross is you start to work as a team. Have a read of this blog How toteach Canicross Commands

  • 6.I have a reactive dog.

A lot of reactive dogs Canicross. We have a lot who run with Paws 4 Running and the difference in them has been amazing. The great thing about Canicross is other dog owners are aware. They soon learn to run with a pack of dogs and love it. On the podcast Canicross Conversations there is a great episode with Dog Behaviourist Hannah Lyon – Canicross and reactive dogs, you can listen hereCanicross

  • 7.My dog is too small.

o excuse, we have our Pocket Rocket in the Paws 4 Running team who is a Jack Russell, she loves it and keeps up with the big dogs when we are out.


Come and join us on Sunday April 16th, 2023

Click on the link below to book your spot. You can do both.

9.30 am -Have a go/Introduction Canicross

10 am – Social Run