Inner Wolf Blog Updates Rating Algorithm. Let's Take A Closer Look at the Changes Updates Rating Algorithm. Let's Take A Closer Look at the Changes

Posted by Inner Wolf on 18th Jan 2024

When it comes to choosing the right dog food for our dogs, having reliable information and trustworthy resources is paramount. One such popular resource,, recently made significant changes to its rating algorithm. These updates aim to provide dog owners with a more comprehensive evaluation of dog food products, placing a stronger emphasis on production processes and ingredient labeling. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of these changes and their potential impact on the ratings of various dog food brands.

The Evolution of has long been recognised as a valuable online resource for dog owners seeking detailed information and unbiased reviews of dog food products. The recent changes to their rating algorithm demonstrate their commitment to continually improving their platform and providing dog owners with the most relevant and accurate information.

Shifting focus to production processes is one of the significant changes in the updated algorithm is the increased focus on production processes. This means that is now considering factors such as sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing techniques, and quality control measures employed by dog food companies. By evaluating these processes, the website aims to assess the overall quality and safety of the dog food being reviewed.

Importance of Clear Ingredient Labeling. Another key aspect emphasised in the updated algorithm is the clarity of ingredient labeling. recognises that dog owners need transparency when it comes to knowing what ingredients are present in their dog's food. With this change, the website aims to highlight brands that provide clear, detailed, and accurate ingredient lists, making it easier for dog owners to make informed decisions.

There is an impact on ratings as a result of these algorithm updates, some dog food brands may experience changes in their ratings. Products that previously scored well based solely on nutritional composition may see a decline if their production processes or ingredient labeling fail to meet the revised criteria. Conversely, brands that prioritise transparency and employ high-quality manufacturing processes may receive higher ratings under the updated algorithm.

The changes made by align with their mission to empower dog owners with the information they need to make well-informed choices. By considering production processes and ingredient labeling, the website provides a more holistic evaluation, enabling dog owners to prioritise their pets' health and well-being.

The recent updates to the rating algorithm on show their dedication to continuously improving the platform and providing you dog owners with the most comprehensive information available. By placing increased importance on production processes and ingredient labeling, they aim to offer a more thorough evaluation of dog food products. If you rely on for guidance, it's important to take these changes into account when researching and selecting the right food for your canine companion.

Let's all help make our dogs healthier by more carefully considering what we are putting in them. 

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