Trixie Universal Rear Car Grid

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The Trixie Universal Rear Car Grid is the perfect accessory for pet owners who love to take their dog on road trips. Designed to fit most vehicles, this sturdy and durable grid will keep your pet safely contained in the back of your car. The grid is made of high-quality aluminium and resistant against rust and corrosion.

The grid is easy to install, and the adjustable design allows you to customise the size to fit your specific car model. The grid also provides added protection to your car's interior, as it keeps your pet from jumping into the front seat or climbing onto the dashboard.

In addition to keeping your pet safe, the Trixie Universal Rear Car Grid also offers plenty of ventilation to ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable during even the longest journeys. Whether you're traveling across the country or just going for a quick drive, this grid is the ideal solution for keeping your pet secure and protected in the back of your car.

So why wait? Make your next road trip with your dog an enjoyable and safe experience with the Trixie Universal Rear Car Grid!

Measurements: Width 94–114 × Height 69 × 53 cm
  • suitable for almost all car types
  • width continuously adjustable thanks to adjustable lateral parts
  • angle of grid adjustable
  • use of the full car boot as lying area
  • simply fold away for use of the car boot
  • to get over the loading sill, door can be mounted at two levels
  • with fixture for attaching padlock
  • with non-slip lying mat: machine washable up to 30 °C
  • base plate with hook and loop fasteners at feet
  • with 4 attachment hooks
  • height extension available separately
  • aluminium/plastic

Trixie Universal Rear Car Grid