Trixie Front Bike Basket

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The Trixie Front Bike Basket features a convenient quick-click closure, making it easy to remove whenever necessary. Its universal bracket ensures compatibility with almost all types of bikes. To provide extra security, both the basket and the bracket can be securely fastened using a padlock (padlock not included). The basket is equipped with a powder-coated grid, designed to withstand regular use.

The grid also incorporates the Fast-Lock System, ensuring a secure fit. Additionally, the basket includes a grid cover with rattle protection, made from TPR material to prevent any unwanted noise during rides. For added comfort and convenience, a non-slip lying mat is included, which can be easily washed by hand. Furthermore, there is an optional attachment for a short lead, allowing for the transportation of pets. The bike basket is made of durable plastic and comes in a stylish grey color.

Lastly, it is compliant with animal welfare regulations under Section 18 (AT), ensuring the well-being of any pets traveling in the basket.

  • easy to remove due to quick-click closure
  • suitable for almost all bikes thanks to universal bracket
  • securing of basket and bracket possible by means of padlock (not included)
  • with grid, powder coated
  • grid with Fast-Lock System
  • grid cover with rattle protection (TPR)
  • with non-slip lying mat: washable by hand
  • optional attachment of short lead
  • plastic
  • colour: grey
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Measurements: 42 × 39 × 30 cm, up to: 5 kg

Trixie Front Bike Basket