Trixie Dog Camping Sleeping Bag

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Introducing the Trixie Dog Sleeping Bag - Soft Edition, a luxurious and comfortable retreat for your furry companion. Crafted with a nylon feel and plush texture, this sleeping bag offers a cozy haven for your dog's relaxation.

Wrapped in a high-quality polyester cover, the Trixie Dog Sleeping Bag ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Inside, it features a sumptuous polyester fleece filling, providing optimal warmth and softness for your pet's ultimate comfort.

Versatility is key with the Trixie Dog Sleeping Bag. Not only does it serve as a snug sleeping bag, but it can also be easily transformed into a spacious mat measuring 135 × 95 cm. This multi-purpose design allows your dog to stretch out and lounge luxuriously.

Equipped with a convenient zipper closure, the sleeping bag offers hassle-free accessibility. When it's time to hit the road or store away, simply roll up the sleeping bag in a space-saving manner. Thanks to the included handy transport bag, carrying and storing the Trixie Dog Sleeping Bag is a breeze.

Pamper your beloved pet with the Trixie Dog Sleeping Bag - Soft Edition, where indulgence meets functionality. Create a cozy oasis for your furry friend and give them the comfort they deserve.

  • nylon feel/plush
  • polyester cover
  • polyester fleece filling
  • can also be used as a mat to lie on (135 × 95 cm)
  • with zipper
  • can be rolled up spacesavingly and stowed in the handy transport bag
  • Measures 70x95cm

Trixie Dog Camping Sleeping Bag