RelaxoPet Dog Easy

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Relaxopet Pro Dog - Pet relaxation trainer. All RelaxoPet animal trainer are practical, wireless, independent of a power outlet and have no side effects.

This can be used in a wide variety of situations for a range of behavioural problems and stress-related issues. Fine-tuned over five years of research and development in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders and pet owners. Reduces stress and anxiety, calms pets during thunder storms and fireworks, Emits audible / inaudible sound waves, specifically designed for dogs.

Portable unit comes with rechargeable battery, Noise and motion sensor detects when your animal is stressed.

Key facts at a glance

  • NOISE-MOTION sensor
  • PRO timer (4h / continuous operation)
  • Visual display panel
  • Relaxation through frequent sound and vibration waves
  • Ideal for thunderstorms, fireworks, aggression, being alone and traveling
  • Volume infinitely adjustable
  • Audible and inaudible sounds playable
  • Lithium battery for charging - no annoying cable
  • Range up to 5 m Indoor | 3 m outdoor


RelaxoPet Dog Easy