PetFusion Outdoor Dog Waste Disposal

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Experience hassle-free outdoor hygiene with the PetFusion Outdoor Dog Waste Disposal unit. This sleek, modern waste station is not only a visual complement to your backyard but also a robust tool for promoting daily cleanup of dog waste. Its fixed receptacle encourages regular lawn maintenance, keeping your garden vibrant and healthy.

Lightweight and portable, the unit features a top handle for effortless transportation and a removable inner bucket equipped with handles and tabs to securely hold a poop bag in place. This design simplifies waste management, allowing for easy movement around your yard.

Say goodbye to unpleasant smells with the disposal's effective odour reduction system, including a locking handle and a silicone gasket paired with a non-toxic charcoal filter that lasts up to six months.

Moreover, the PetFusion unit is designed to reduce waste and save time. Its inner bucket holds the waste bag firmly, eliminating the need to use a new bag with each cleanup and featuring a universal dog poop bag holder for added convenience. Simply grab a bag and you're ready for a walk!

Key features include:

  • UV weather-resistant coating, ensuring durability through all seasons.
  • Compact dimensions (16.7" tall x 9.5" wide), making it easy to store.
  • Compliant with stringent European REACH safety standards, ensuring product safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Fully recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Ideal for dog owners seeking an effective, convenient, and environmentally conscious solution to manage outdoor dog waste.

PetFusion Outdoor Dog Waste Disposal