Petego EB K9 Keeper Dog Safety Barrier

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The fully portable and completely adjustable Kar 9 Keeper dog guard is made from extremely robust steel tubing, helping to ensure that your pet stays exactly where you want them to. Having a Kar 9 Keeper dog guard means that your pet won’t be able to distract you while you’re driving and because the Kar 9 Keeper does not require floor to ceiling support poles, your boot space is not compromised, allowing your dog to create their own little den in the back or boot of your car.


Fits virtually any vehicle
No need for tools or drilling
High resistance square steel tubing
Solid galvanised steel elbows
Re-enforced, double thickness round tube extensions
Solid built in adjustable clamps
Removable top bar for limited clearance
Simple to assemble
Will fit to headrest posts that are between 45.5cm and 74cm apart.
Please be aware that you may need to remove the central headrest to fit this dog guard. If your car has three headrests, please ensure that the central one is removable before ordering.

Team the Kar 9 Keeper dog guard with a vehicle specific boot liner to create the perfect space for your adventurous canine.

The Kar 9 Keeper adjusts from a minimum size of 30.5cm high x 86cm wide to a maximum of 45.5cm high x 142cm wide and weighs 5lb

Petego EB K9 Keeper Dog Safety Barrier