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Non-Stop Klikfix Bikejor Antenna

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A detachable bikejoring antenna that prevents your dog´s bungee leash from tangling into the front wheel.

Safety is important in high-speed activities; with the Bike antenna KLICKfix the bungee line is much less likely to tangle into the front wheel. If you also use your bike without a dog, the antenna can easily detach with just a click.

This bike antenna is sold with the KLICKfix adapter. The adapter can be combined with all other KLICKfix products.

  • Light aluminum
  • Fits handlebars with diameter 22-26 mm or 31.8 mm
  • Length, Bike antenna: 49 cm.
  • Length, adapter: 7 cm.
  • Weight: 265 grams


Non-Stop Klikfix Bikejor Antenna