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GrousePRO Remote Control Dummy Launcher

£495.00 - £1,450.00
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PLEASE NOTE - There is currently a 14 - 18 day working day lead time on the despatch of the Grouse. Thank you

'SPORT GrousePRO' Remote Control Dummy Launcher

Available in Single Launcher, Duo Launcher, Trio Launcher and Quad Launcher variants all designed and made in the UK by Sporting Saint.

  • The 'SPORT GrousePRO'  range comes complete with its own Sporting Saint Canvas Dummies; Single - 1 dummy, Duo - 2 dummies, Trio - 3 dummies and Quad - 4 dummies, to ensure you are set up ready for your training.

About the SPORT GrousePRO -

  • UK designed and manufactured electronics 
  • Slim line design - the aerial has been built within the body.
  • The ability to add further remote launchers easily
  • Designed to be completely user friendly
  • Remote Handset has been completely redesigned to suit the needs of the user; clearly identified launch buttons, on/off switch and led light illuminates when launch button is pressed.
  • Lanyard attachment complete with a sporting saint lanyard enabling the user to easily access the remote handset when required.
  • Rechargeable battery unit, using an intelligent charger - all supplied with the product.

What do I get with my SPORT GrousePRO?

  • All launchers come complete with their launcher heads, electronics inc intelligent charger and user instructions.
  • 1 year warranty
  • In house technical support and year round launcher servicing.
  • Sporting Saint Canvas Launcher Dummy
  • You will need to purchase dummy launcher blanks separately

SPORT GrousePRO - Technical Information

  • Remote control operation to up to 400 metres - Tried and Tested
  • One full charge will fire approx. 300 shots -Tried and Tested
  • PVC Launcher dummies can reach up to 90 metres
  • Canvas launcher dummies can reach up to 50 metres
  • Light and compact weighing approx 2kgs - set the Launcher up whereever you want, and launch from any location (up to 400m away)
  • Adjustable leg positions/launcher angle - letting the user choose the best for their training - High Bird or Bolting Rabbit!
  • Durable construction - aluminium and steel - Weatherproof
  • Simple to operate, makes an efficient and effective dog training tool.
  • Remote Handset can operate up to 4 launchers.
  • Launcher uses .22 launcher blanks - we reccommend the green or yellow!
  • Dimensions - Length of Launcher 27", Widest Width of legs 8", 

GrousePRO Remote Control Dummy Launcher

£495.00 - £1,450.00

GrousePRO Remote Control Dummy Launcher

£495.00 - £1,450.00