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Gravity Scooter M10 Mushing

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The GRAVITY M10 is the perfect scooter for practicing mushing with one, two, or three dogs. It is an excellent option for those interested in getting started in the exciting world of mushing in an easy and safe way. This adult scooter is designed for use in training as well as for medium-distance competitions on terrain or asphalt.

Its low and robust design makes it optimal for propulsion on flat terrain, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an easy-to-drive, stable, agile, and safe scooter. In addition, its sturdy CrMo steel frame and high-quality components make it durable and resistant.

The CrMo steel frame is especially suitable for those seeking greater control over the dogs, better braking capacity, and greater stability overall during mushing practice.

The scooter's long board allows the foot to be placed far from the handlebar, which, together with the extension of the arms, allows for a longer and more complete propulsion kick. This exercises the arms, abs, back, and legs, contributing to improving the musher's physical fitness and maintaining proper posture on the scooter during exercise. This can help prevent back injuries and other common physical issues associated with mushing, as it strengthens the muscles and improves overall body posture. Unlike other activities such as bikejoring, the scooter has a much lower impact on the back and joints, making it an excellent choice for those looking to prevent injuries and take care of their long-term health.


FRAME: CrMo steel. Tapered head tube for semi-integrated headset 44x44 or tapered headsets. Rear dropout width 100mm.

FORK: RST CAPA 26” with lockout. Travel 80mm.

BRAKES: TEKTRO Hydraulic disc brake Ø 160mm

WHEELS: Front: Ø 26" x 2.00. Rear: Ø 20" x 2.00

HANDLEBAR: Length 640mm, Ø 25.4.

GRIPS: Grips with double locking washers. With gel type rubber. Very comfortable, they reduce vibrations and have a very pleasant touch.

STEM: Adjustable length, Ø 25,4.

BOARD: Thermo-pressed Brittany beech wood with non-slip rubber surface. Narrow wood profile, measurements in mm: 640 x 140 x 10 mm. It also includes an interior wood that gives elasticity and great resistance to the wood-frame assembly.

FRAME PROTECTION: 2mm aluminum protection for the bottom of the frame.

MUDGUARDS: Small aluminum mudguard to protect the rear wheel. Aluminum 2mm

Gravity Scooter M10 Mushing


Gravity Scooter M10 Mushing