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Dog Runner Aqua Runner Treadmill Solo

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Dog Runner's Aqua Runner, born from our extensive experience in Canine Therapy, is the epitome of quality and affordability in dog treadmills. Our family-run business is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

The price listed is the Dog Runner Treadmill Aqua only. To include the filtration system + treadmill the total is £27,500.00.

With an easily accessible underwater treadmill featuring a separate entrance and exit, dogs of all sizes can effortlessly navigate it. You have full control over water levels, temperature, and treadmill speed (0.8-12 km/h). It fills and empties in a mere 120 seconds, thanks to its impressive 900-litere external tank (filtration system), allowing for water reuse after purification.

Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and components, the Aqua Runner demands minimal maintenance. Fitting and maintainance advice provided.

We're proud partners with the globally renowned University of Liège in the realm of animal medicine, reinforcing our Belgian-built product's credibility.

Technical specifications:

  • Device dimensions (LxHxW): 1760 x 950 x 860 mm
  • Tread dimensions (LxW): 1490 x 470 mm
  • Speed: 0.8-12 km/h
  • Thickness of the mat: 1.8 mm
  • Engine: 3 HP
  • Maximum user weight: 95 kg
  • Display: display of time, distance, speed, calorie consumption and possibility to set time or distance
  • External tank: 900 litres
  • External stainless steel construction in which tank, pump and filter are nicely concealed
  • Dimensions external construction (LxHxW): 1400 x 830  x 1790 mm
  • Water can be heated up to 45°
  • Pump/suction system: tank filling and emptying takes about 120 seconds.
  • The treadmill has a wide collar on both sides on which the handler can stand to help, support or stimulate the dog’s movements.
  • Warranty: 24 months at home

The treadmill can be raised for quick and easy cleaning underneath the treadmill.

Dog Runner Aqua Runner Treadmill Solo