Twiggy Tags

  • Twiggy Tags Adventure lead - Aurora Twiggy Tags Adventure Lead - Petrichor

    Twiggy Tags Adventure Lead

    A dog walking essential, this lightweight lead is fully neoprene lined, with a locking carabiner clasp and strength-tested for safety. Small - 1.5m

  • Twiggy Tags Trailfinder Light Twiggy Tags Trailfinder Light
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    Twiggy Tags Trailfinder Light

    Experience worry-free adventures with your furry friend, whether you're savoring a breathtaking sunset on the beach or conquering a mountain peak during your post-work evening stroll in the winter...

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  • Twiggy Tags Adventure Collar - Aurora Twiggy Tags Adventure Collar - Petrichor

    Twiggy Tags Adventure Collar

    Padded and weatherproof collars that are perfect for everyday wear, and every adventure. Size Neck 1 23cm - 33cm 2 30.5cm - 43cm 3 38cm - 48cm 4 48cm - 66cm

  • Twiggy Tags Adventure Harness - Petrichor Twiggy Tags Adventure Harness - Aurora

    Twiggy tags Adventure Harness

    Designed for you and your dog, this multi-use harness offers functionality, practicality and comfort as well as aesthetic quality Size Chest/Girth 1 25cm - 50cm 2 35cm - 60cm 3 40cm -...