Gift Vouchers

Ideal for any occasion; birthdays, NEW PUPPY DAY! NEW RESCUE DAY! Christmas or just because you are feeling generous.

We offer a flexible option to purchase gift vouchers on the Inner Wolf website. This allows you to select the amount to 'load' the voucher with then have this emailed either to yourself or direct to the lucky recipient of this great gift. 

Our gift vouchers can be used in full or as part of the payment. From the Gift Certificate page you can also check how much is remaining on the certificate.

How To Order A Gift Voucher

Finding the link to ordering the vouchers differs depending on whether you are on a phone/tablet or on a computer.


1. First click on the Burger Menu (the 3 lines in the top left corner). This will open up the menu page.



2. Scroll down the menu to the bottom. Here you find the link 'Gift Certificates'. Click on this and that will take you to the Certificate page where you can complete the details.


Enter the details.


1. From any page on our site simply click on the Giftbox Icon in the top banner to the right of the search text box


This will take you to the Gift Certificate page and completing the details it then straight forward.


If you do have any questions or queries regarding the Gift Vouchers then please email