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Wondering how to take your small pet with you on bike rides? The WalkyBasket™ pet carrier, by BICE, the ultimate way to take your small pet on a bike ride! A one-of-a-kind basket, specifically designed for people and pets on the move. A basket of bare essentials; if it doesn't make it perform better or look better, it isn't there. Studied for safety and comfort, the The WalkyBasket™ is made for quick get aways as well as trips to the vet or just for fun. Twin side pockets and a generous cargo compartment match the essential design. And a sleek touch: a quick release system of unmatched simplicity.

And JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR, quality is not an issue here:

  • Dogs up to 9kg
  • 600D PVC two-tone fabric
  • Short leash to secure your dog inside.
  • Nylon buckles;
  • Front zipped hidden pocket;
  • Removable meshed top;
  • Easy fit shoulder/hand straps, to easily and quickly convert from hand to shoulder carrying position;
  • Reflective front band for increased safety;
  • Quick release system, can be used for holding other gear;

Here are the sizes:
40cm x 33cm x 25cm / 16Lx13Wx10H inch
Weighs 1.2 Kgs/2.6 lbs
suggested for cats, Yorkshires, Jack Russells and the like

WalkyBasket™ ... just add the dog!

NB. When fitting the bracket to your bike, depending on the weight of the dog the bracket may need to be angled higher with the wire tight before adding the basket and the dog.

How to Fit the bracket correctly

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