Trixie Cooling Mat

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Finding a cool spot on warm days. The mat creates a area for the dog to lie an keep cool.

  • helps to regulate the body temperature on warm days
  • cools through pressure and contact
  • doesn't require pre-cooling, water or a power supply
  • cools for several hours
  • ready to be re-use after a short break
  • can also be used e.g. on beds, in dog kennels or in the car
  • simply wipe to clean


Size: S
Measurements: 40 × 30 cm

Size: M
Measurements: 50 × 40 cm

Size: L
Measurements: 65 × 50 cm

Size: XL
Measurements: 90 × 50 cm

Size: XXL
Measurements: 110 × 70 cm

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