TinyLOC RBT GPS Dog Tracker and Hound Finder Collar

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Get the experience of searching easily. Two kits in one: the receiver R2 RBT 433 MHz combines the technology GPS with Radiotracking (wide range or when GPS is not working) and includes the Bluetooth connection or micro USB to communicate the receiver with any Android device (Smartphone and tablets). With the new software TinyMOB (Bluetooth) or TinyTAB (cable USB) you will see in the screen of your Smartphone or tablet Android, the maps of the area you are hunting and specify the location of all your dogs with neither any additional cost nor any need of mobile coverage. 

- Easy to use in any field. Easy to handle with only one hand.
- Internal powerful antenna that provides the highest sensibility and accuracy.
-Memorize up to 100 dogs (100 memories with over 2,700 channels).
- It works with standard AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries approved by Tinyloc, so if you are run out of batteries in the middle of the field you can replace them immediately.
- Automatic display lighting (with outdoor sensor light)
- No fees, no phone coverage dependence.
- Get the location of the dog on a map (topographic, orthophotos, etc.) though a tablet of a Smartphone with our free app TinyMOB/TinyTAB. Free downloadable maps from internet on your Android Smartphone our tablet when working with Wi-Fi.  

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GPS range of up to 4.8 miles (8 km): Employing optimized GPS technology for use with hunting dogs, our system is more reliable and has a longer range than any other GPS tracking system on the market. Radio tracking up to 14 miles (22 km): With built-in radio tracking in the same system, you will no longer be dependent on GPS to find your dog. This is a unique solution for dogs that have gone out of GPS range.


Many tracking systems depend on cellular networks to pick up the signal from the transmitter. Tinyloc does not have this problem, because our system is totally independent from cellular networks or any other network-based coverage system.


The new R2 receiver for the Hound Finder. Experience the simplicity of tracking.

Designed to be easy to use in rough environments, this new R2 receiver is a great tool available to dog handlers who are trying to locate their dogs. Equipped with powerful internal antennas, the hound tracer has a reliability hunters can count on. Also, because the system can track up to 100 dogs with one receiver, a whole group of hunters can track their dogs using the same receiver.

Connect your R2 Finder (either using the internal antenna or the accessory car antenna) to your laptop and see exactly where your dog is in real time on a topographic map (check available map zones). Hunters who would like to use a topographic map during the hunt can also connect the R2 Finder to a handheld laptop.

Need extra range to track your hound? No problem! The built-in radio-tracking feature makes it easy for you to find the direction of your dogs. Then, just point the receiver in that direction to maximize the GPS search power. With this new R2 receiver, using the full potential of the powerful GPS tracking system is a piece of cake.
Experience the simplicity of the R2 Finder receiver's new tracking system and see the difference for yourself.


Powerful integrated antennas (patent pending)
Long battery life
Light-up display
2 tracking modes in the same receiver (radio tracking and GPS tracking)
Easy to use


You would not want the batteries to die out on you when you need them most. The batteries in the Tinyloc Hound Finder last longer than the batteries in any other GPS-based tracking system. This gives hunters and their dogs a better sense of security and more confidence in the product. Tinyloc Hound Finder batteries last for seven days. Batteries can be recharged with regular outlet: low batteries? No problem. Just plug in the charger and charge up the batteries to full power with a regular outlet.


The hound tracer is built to withstand rough terrain. Whether rain, snow, forest or dusty heat, the Tinyloc Hound Finder will guarantee quality and functionality in even the roughest conditions.

TinyLOC RBT GPS Dog Tracker and Hound Finder Collar