Ruffwear The Roamer Leash

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Product Overview

Even strict lead laws don’t mean your dog can’t have some roaming space. Both sizes of our Roamer leashes have an elastic core that extends 5 extra feet, allowing you to maintain control while your dog enjoys a generous range of movement. Whether it’s our small or large lead that works best for your size of pup, let him ramble and investigate without dragging you from your path.


  • Two sizes, Small and Large, have an elastic core that expands for additional length
  • Adjustable handle can go in a hand, adjust around any waist, or unsnap at the Rock Lockster® side-release buckle and attach to a hitching post
  • A traffic handle offers control at a moment’s notice
  • Made with sturdy 1-inch or 3/4-inch tubular nylon webbing
  • The small Roamer features lighter hardware—ideal for smaller breeds

Sizing Chart

  Small Large
length when resting w/8”h handle 5.5’, 1.7 m 6.5’, 2 m
length when fully extended 8.5’, 2.6 m 11’, 3.4 m
tubular webbing width 3/4”, 19 mm 1”, 25 mm
waist-worn handle size (max.) 40", 102 cm 40”, 102 cm