Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness

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Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness

The Nansen Stick Harness is designed for low draw point pulling activities where the load is constant, like long distance mushing or light weight pulling training. It is not made for professional heavy weight pulling. It has been developed together with some of the best long distance mushers from across the globe. 

The harness can also be used by dogs that have spinal or hip issues and need pressure taken away from the spine. There is no load on the back of the dog, the elastic rubber frame on the top is just there to keep the Harness in place.  Nansen Stick Harness is able to move freely up and down as needed between the hips while the sled or load moves over terrain. This will therefore not push down the dogs hips or back because of the weight behind. The stick harness can both utilize the dogs power more efficiently and create a comfortable pulling posture when pulling a load. The stick harness could be especially useful for bigger dogs and dogs that tend to have an angled gait.

4 36 cm/14.1 in 62 cm/24.4 in  
4,5 40 cm/15.7 in 62 cm/24.4 in
5 38 cm/15 in 65 cm/25.6 in  
5,5 42 cm/16.5 in 65 cm/25.6 in
6 40 cm/15.7 in 69 cm/27.1 in  
6,5 44 cm/15.7 in 69 cm/27.1 in
7 42 cm/16.5 in 72 cm/28.3 in  
7,5 46 cm/18.1 in 72 cm/28.3 in
8 44 cm/17.3 in 76 cm/29.9 in  
8,5 48 cm/18.9 in 76 cm/29.9 in
9 46 cm/18.8 in 80 cm/31.5 in
9,5 50 cm/19.6 in 80cm/31.5 in
10 50 cm/19.6 in 82 cm/32.2 in
10,5 54 cm/21.25 in 82 cm/32.2 in

Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness


Non-Stop Nansen Stick Harness

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