Non-Stop Combined Harness


Product Overview

Non-stops main goal was to develop a harness which ensured free respiratory tract for the dog while pulling, and has a pulling point which does not limit the dog´s movements and force. With the Free Motion Non-Stop have acheived just that. Ideal for those who want to use their dog for different purposes: skiing, in a team of dogs, bikejoring, hunting, tracking etc. Under strain this harness will utilize the dog´s capacity in accordance with its anatomy. By utilizing the dog´s capacity through free respiratory tract, and that the pulling point does not limit the dog´s movements.

Everybody in Non-stop Dogwear competes on a high level in dog sled racing, so the harness has been developed in accordance with the demands and challenges they meet. Their products are currently used by many of the world's best dog sled racers. Andreas Fossnes with his five individual Norwegian Championship gold medals can be mentioned among several other professional mushers.

Weight (kg) | Harness Neck Opening * | Front Strap **

Size 5 | 20-26kg | 36-40cm | 23cm
Size 6 | 25-32kg | 40-44cm | 24cm
Size 7 | 31-37kg | 44-48cm | 25cm
Size 8 | 37-43kg | 48-52cm | 26cm
Size 9 | 43-50kg | 52-56cm | 27cm

* Measure the Lower part of your dog's neck close to the chest to get the correct size.
** Measure from the sternum to immediately behind the dog's forelegs. If your dog has a very muscular chest you may need to go up a size.