Non-Stop Canicross Kit

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Product Overview


To allow you more options, rather than listing pre-selected kits containing specific items, now you can choose your combination of waist belt, bungee line and harness and still receive the

Go to the Running and Canicross Page, link here, and select your combination. Select a Waist Belt - Select a Bungee Line - Select a Dog Harness.


If you want the best then the Non-Stop kit is the one for you. The kit includes the versitile Non-Stop Freemotion harness, the lightwieght comfortable Non-Stop Running belt and the strong and effective Non-Stop 2m Running Line.

Non-Stop CaniX Running Belt

The Running Belt was developed with the best athletes in canicross for running and racing. It’s unique construction features maximum safety for the runners back which also helps to maintain good running style. This is important for your health as well as for your performance. It is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing.

On the backside the Running Belt has an integrated pocket.

Running Line

The Running Lines are available in two sizes: the 6.6 ft/ 2.0 meter line is perfect for canicross, dog trekking and agility, while the 9.2 ft/2.80 meter long line is perfect for skijøring, bike & scooterjøring, and for dog powered sports that require a longer line. Both lines contain additional elastic material designed to improve the comfort while training and playing for both you and your dog. They are manufactured in accordance with guidelines for professional racing and are used by World Champions in canicross, skijoring and pulk racing, bikejøring and scooterjøring.

Freemotion Harness

Freemotion Harness is the ideal harness for those who use their dog for various pulling activities with a high pulling point, like cycling, walking, skiing and running. Due to its adjustability, this harness will fit most dogs. With the Freemotion harness, your dog will be able to release its true potential without restrictions on its motions and respiration. Freemotion was developed by high ranking dog drivers at international level and are though extremely well field tested and refined.

The Freemotion Harness utilizes the dog’s anatomy to increase performance by:

  • Keeping the airways free
  • Utilizing the correct pulling points
  • Being adjustable to each dog

The adjustable side straps are now static as standard. These are replaceable. Some dog drivers, especially professionals, prefer these to be elastic. Elastic side straps can easily be bought on our web shop.

The Freemotion comes in nine sizes. Each size are easily recognized by its color strap on the back. Find right size by placing two fingers between harness and dogs neck.

Freemotion Sizing Guide

Size Maximum neck opening Neck circumference  
3 13.8 in/35 cm 11-13 in/28-33 cm  
4 15.75 in/40 cm 13-14.2 in/33-36 cm  
5 17.3 in/44 cm 14.2-15.75 in/36-40 cm  
6 18.9 in/48 cm 15.75-17.3 in/40-44 cm  
7 20.5 in/52 cm 17.3-18.9 in/44-48 cm  
8 22.0 in/56 cm 18.9-20.5 in/48-52 cm  
9 23.6 in/60 cm 20.5-22.0 in/52-56 cm  
10 72 cm 56-64 cm  
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