Maelson Soft Leas'h - Luxury Leather Dog Leash


Product Overview

Made from carefully selected full leather German & Italian Nappa hides of the highest quality, sourced from certified German suppliers.

The hide is treated solely with soluble dyes, so that the unique surface characteristics remain visible, and show the original animal’s skin structure. Only 5% of a complete animal‘s hide can be used in this process, which makes the leather we use very exclusive.

The trade-off is a unique feel to the touch, just like real skin,
light and flexible. Double-sided hand-stitched leather, smooth and strong

Trademark “Knoppy”, made of solid, machine-polished stainless steel, with engraved MAELSON logo

  • Infinitely adjustable length
  • Built-in “invisible” protection, prevents leather from
    stretching over time
  • Exclusively hand-crafted in Southern Germany
SOFT LEAS’H™ approx. length   approx. width  
  cm in cm in
18 210 82 1.8 0.7
22 210 82 2.2 0.9