Ibiyaya Retro Luxe Large Pet Stroller Prism Black

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A unique modern and versatile pet stroller

The ibiyaya Retro Luxe Pet Stroller is a pawesome brand new 2022 release. This seamless innovative design is for dogs or cats that enjoy outings in comfort and style. The ibiyaya Retro Luxe Large Pet Stroller features the world’s first color-gradient light weight frame. The 360° viewing dual cabin features invisible mesh windows and a stylish zipperless design. Adjust accordingly to suit your pet's preferences.

The front easy fold bumper bar that opens up the cabin for your pet to watch the world the go by whilst sprawled out on their tummy. As well as the adjustable simple one click handle bar to suit your height. For those who have large dogs or multiple pets, this luxury pet stroller has a variety of features that make strolling a breeze.- it’s perfect!

Retro Luxe Key Features

 FULLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: With 360-degree viewing this spacious dog or cat stroller and it's innovative design guarantees the best pleasurable seated cabin experience. The high enclosure ensures your fur baby is getting all-round visibility while also providing safety. The optional easy-fold bumper bar provides them with a view just like mommy or daddy gets – even if something goes wrong along the way!

 STYLISH ZIPPERLESS DESIGN: The Retro Luxe is equipped with the world’s first lightweight aluminum alloy frame which has an elegant and sleek gradient design. Along with shoulder straps for your carrier as well as adjustable handles made from high-quality leather fabric to keep you comfy but trendy at all times! This stylish accessory can be used in both formal or informal settings; it’s perfect whether you want to glam up or just run errands around town.

 KEEP YOUR PET COMFORTABLE & SAFE: The Retro Luxe cabin is a unique, innovative design that prevents accidental escapes and provides your pet with the comfort they deserve. It features large mesh windows for ventilation; two safety tethers ensure their wellbeing while you’re out running errands or traveling long distances in-between destinations! The stroller’s dual canopy also has an easy access feature.

360° MOVEMENT: This luxury stroller is easy to push and has a 1-button brake system. It can be easily maneuvered in all directions with ease, which makes it perfect if you’re going on an adventure!

 EASILY CLEANED & STORED: The double-layered carrier fabric and seat cover are all removable, so you can wash them! Simply pull the quick-release locks to uninstall wheels. Then fold up your Retro Luxe Large Pet Stroller in order for it to be stored standing or lying down during transport – just like a regular pet stroller would do at home when not being used.

 SNACKS & SUPPLIES STORAGE: This luxury dog or cat stroller comes with cup holders, side pockets for you to store drinks, snacks, accessories, or anything you and your pets need!

The Retro is a large dog or cat stroller with a weight capacity of 30 kgs. It includes a 2 year warranty!


Recommended Weight Limit: 30.0KG/66.1lbs
N.W.: 10.1KG/22.3lbs
Cabin Dimension: L72 W35 H60 (cm); L28.4 W13.8 H23.6 (in)
Stroller Dimension: L84 W66 H102 (cm); L33.0 W26.0 H40.0 (in)
Folded Dimension: L64.5 W50 H94.5 (cm); L25.4 W19.7 H37.2 (in)
Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Inner Cushion

Ibiyaya Retro Luxe Large Pet Stroller Prism Black

Was: £399.95
Now: £359.95
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