Hurtta X-Sport Dog Harness


Product Overview

This harness is designed for active dogs and for use in fast-paced pulling sports, such as skijoring and dog sledding. It can be used during canicross, bikejoring or scootering. Thanks to the durable, waterproof padding, the harness is both comfortable and robust. It focuses the pressure at the correct spot on the dog’s chest, thus optimising the pulling strength. This harness is ideally suited for breeds like huskies as the wider neck opening allows for a better fit.

Very soft, easy fitting harness for comfort.

Sizes (Chest Girth) Guide Only

70cm / 27.5inches Siberian Husky, German Pointer

80cm / 31.5inches Labrador Retiever, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dalmation, Husky

90cm / 35.5inches Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd Dog