Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer

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The Hurtta Body Warmer is a sophisticated outdoor jumper designed to keep your dog's muscles warm and can be used under a waterproof jacket.

Made from 100% polyester, both the look and feel of this warmer is beautiful and seriously comfy for your dog. The seems ooze 3M reflective material to improve visibility on low light walks.

A stunning foil pattern greets you when you unzip this garment that reflects body heat back to your dog whilst eliminating moisture too. The Body Warmer is breathable and slightly stretchy for comfortable mobility even on very active adventures. 


The overall has an adjustable waist and collar area speaking of which, you can raise the collar to protect those cold ears too.

If out on a long walk and your dog is all warmed up, remove the garment and tightly compact the Warmer into the stylish sports pouch that comes with the overall - from here simply pop it in your rucksack or carry by the cord. 

The Body Warmer is super for active dogs needing a little extra muscle warmth on a chilly walk however it is ideal for ageing dogs or those furry friends recovering from injuries. 

The stitching and general fabric is very tightly manufactured to reduce the chances of rips or nicks but common sense will always prevail if you keep Fido away from wire fences and prickly bushes. 


  Back Length Front Leg Typical For
20S 19-21cm 5cm Chihuahua
25S 24-28cm 7cm Toy Poodle, Maltese
30XS 29-33cm 3cm Kaninchen Dachshund
30S 29-33cm 8cm Lowchen, Minature Poodle
30M 29-33cm 9cm Boston Terrier, West Highland Terrier
30L 29-33cm 10cm Chinese Crested, Italian Greyhound
35S 34-38cm 9cm Min Schnauzer, Jack Russell, Bichon
35M 34-38cm 11cm Border Terrier, King Charles Spaniel
40XS 39-43cm 3cm Min Dachshund
40M 39-43cm 12cm Beagle, Standard Poodle, German Pinscher
45XS 44-48cm 5cm Dachshund
45M 44-48cm 15cm Cocker Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog
50M 49-53cm 17cm Border Collie, Schnauzer
55M 54-58cm 17cm Golden Retriever, Labrador, Rough Collie
55L 54-58cm 28cm Whippet, Saluki
60M 59-65cm 24cm Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiller
70M 66-75cm 26cm Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland

Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer

Was: £49.99
Now: £22.00

Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer

Was: £49.99
Now: £22.00