Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash


The round rope leashes are comfortably soft yet highly durable. Resembling climbing ropes in structure and materials, the leashes come with 3M reflectors for added visibility. Hurtta rope leashes are available in a range of thicknesses and lengths. When choosing a leash, thickness is determined by dog breed and size, and length by purpose of use. Short leashes are best suited to city walks and long leashes to dog training and rough terrain.

The Hurtta Mountain Rope leash  is a sturdy but soft rope leash that is designed for daily exercise with your dog. The rope is inter-woven with 3m reflectors for extra visibility when you are out in poorer light and and night-time.

The Mountain Rope leash comes in 8mm x1.8m, 11mm x 1.2m, 11mm x 1.5m, 11mm x 1.8m and available in Raspberry, Birch, Cherry, Raven and Juniper.

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