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The Tough Skin™ Harness is our NEWEST HARNESS!!! It is a ruggedized version of our Second Skin Harness.

The Tough Skin™ Harness is for those who like the Second Skin harness, but need something that withstands the greater wear and tear of “crazy”

This light and ultra-modern harness is made out of soft mesh fabric. Unlike the Second Skin™ Harness, the Tough Skin™ Harness features a durable shell protecting the outside of the harness. Our Tough Skin™ Harness is very comfortable for the dog to wear and it is suitable for any activity where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog’s back. This includes skijoring, bikejoring, scootering, jogging as well as sledding. The length of the Tough Skin™ Harness (including the tug loop) is about the same as the length of a regular x-back harness. But unlike an x-back harness, our Second Skin™ Harness will relieve the pressure off the dog’s hips.

Receive a free Howling Dog Alaska key chain with every Tough Skin™ Harness purchase.


For proper harness fit measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. Not sure about size? Go by the weight of your dog

Size | Neck | Girth | Weight

Small | 19"/48cm | 23"-27"/60-70cm | 40-50 lbs/18-22.5kg
Medium | 20"/50cm | 25"-34"/64-85cm | 51-60 lbs/23-27kg
Large | 21"/53cm | 29"-38"/74-98cm | 61-70 lbs/27-32kg
X Large | 22"/56cm | 30"-43"/78-110cm | 71-80 lbs/32-36kg
XX Large | 23-24"/60-62cm | 32"-44"/82-115cm | 81-90 lbs/36-41kg

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