Kuranda – the chewproof raised dog bed.

There are not many beds, if any, that can claim to be truly chewproof. We all know as dog owners that nothing can withstand those jaws if a dog really wants to get their teeth into something. The Kuranda dog bed is a chewproof bed. Designed with no real egdes that the dog can get their teeth into. The beds unique design tucks the fabric panel inside a poly resin or aluminium frame - safely hidden away. The Kuranda beds have taken the US by storm with a large number of kennels, rehoming centres and breeders using the Kuranda beds. Because of their toughness and versititly they outlast all other beds.  The Kuranda bed is manufactured from either a tough PVC or alumunium frame for strength but remain lightweight. They are very easy to assemble making them ideal for storage or to stow in the boot when going on trips away. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.



The elevated position keeps the dog away from drafts or the cold ground when on a camping trip or at home in the winter. They are available ni a range of sizes frmm toy dog to extra large dogs. The frames can even stack to create bunkbeds if space is at a premium.   If your dog does manage somehow to get their teeth into any part of the bed then Kuranda are happy to replace the part for you. You can’t ask for fairer then that!
Kuranda Aluminium Raised Bed

See them online at www.innerwolf.co.uk/gbu0-prodshow/Kuranda_Poly_Bed.html