Hurtta Torrent Coat Review

If it is possible to improve on excellence Hurtta have achieved it. For a number of years now the Hurtta Raincoat has easily been the most popular out of the range of coats Inner Wolf has offered. Surely we were not the only ones with a look of surprise on our faces when we heard that Hurtta were discontinuing it. That was until we got out hands on the new Hurtta Torrent Coat, the Hurtta Raincoats replacement. the reason the Raincoat was so popular was simply due to it's quality of fabric and design. Complete waterproof and very good coverage, including the underbelly, the coat kept dog dry but also made the clean-up job considerably easier post walk.

Hurtta Torrent Coat Hurtta Torrent Coat - Running, always running
The Hurtta Torrent still has these same features with slight changes to the shape and tailoring without compromising the coverage, but improving it with a longer neck collar. The fabric is still the same high quality waterproof and breathable Houndtex with large areas of hi-vis reflective strips making the coat highly visible to road users, and your torch, on dark walks. With more dogs wearing harnesses and the popularity of the Hurtta range of harnesses, Hurtta have included in this and all their coat range the access point on the back to allow the connection of a lead to a harness beneath the coat. The two smallest of the size range, 20cm and 25cm, have an integrated harness system. Hurtta_Summit_Parka_Raven In all we simply cannot fault this coat. The long adjustment of the chest strap ensures that the coat fits well to a good range of dog shapes including the deep chested breeds like Greyhounds and Pointers. The price ranges from £46.99 to £63.99, from 20cm in length to 90cm and in four smart colours, Fern Green, Orange Sun, Cherry and Raven. For more information and to order click here Hurtta Torrent Dog Coat >>>
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