Hurtta Summit Parka Winter Coat – Product Review

I take my cockapoo to work with me every day, which mostly involves us hanging around a large, unheated workshop. In the Summer it’s oppressively hot, but in the winter it’s arctic levels of cold.

So I needed a dog coat she could wear all day, every day. It therefore needed to be warm, but comfortable enough that she can nap in it during the day.

After a bit of research and some careful measuring, I settled on the Hurtta Summit. The first thing that really hits you is the quality of the materials and construction. This is probably better made than most of my human coats.

The coat has a thick fleece lining and a water proof top part, which really gives you the best of both worlds. There’s a flap on the back if you want to use a harness, otherwise the coat allows you to attach the lead to the collar as normal

You fit the coat on the dog by placing the hood part over its head. You then strap the underside to the top side with a snap clasp. There’s then two further elastic hoops that hook around the dogs back legs. These keep the coat fixed and central, which means the dog can still go to the toilet as it would do normally, which was a big concern.

Once it’s on, my dog doesn’t even really seem to notice it’s wearing it, but I’ve noticed she doesn’t shiver anymore! It’s not the cheapest dog coat you can buy, but for everyday use, it’s the best one I’ve seen. It’s durable, comfy and fully washable. If you’re after a great winter coat for an active dog, then you can’t do much better than the Hurtta Summit


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