Dog Coats – Getting the right size.

It’s that time of year again when the nights are drawing in and the weather is starting get colder and wetter and many dog owners are now looking to buy a new dog coat. After several years of supplying dog coats and trying to give as much instruction online to measure a dog for the right size coat, we still have numerous coats returned to exchange to another size. Not that we mind doing it, but I’m sure people would be happier to get the correct sized coat first time. Every year it is surprising how many people try to guesstimate the dog coat size, nine times out of ten this will be wrong. So here are a few tips to getting the right sized coat for your dog.

  • When measuring the dog, measure from the base of the neck (near the
    Dog Coat Size Guide


    collar) to the base of the tail. This measurement must to be a staight line, the tape measure tought, NOT following the curve of the dogs back.
  • Try to get your dog to remain standing when you are measuring. A sitting dog will add a few inches to the measurement.
  • Measure the dog 3 times and take an average. This will give a better measurement.

There are some breeds that are not easy to measure for due to them having a long body in comparison their chest size. Dachshunds or Dandie Dinmonts for example are not easy to fit a coat and may require a specially made coat or take them along so they can be fitted. Some style of coats increase in sizes differently to other styles so you may

Hurtta Winter Dog Coat - Modelled by Enzo


 not be able to get one that is exactly, to the cenimetre, the right size. But with coats ranging from 24cm/10inches to 85cm/33inches to fit even the largest Great Dane there will be a coat to fit. Ideally, for the best fit bring the dog along for a fitting.

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