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The New 2010 DAX Scooter with full suspension and disk brakes is the next generation of the DAX Scooters and  in dog scooter design. Easy to dismantle and assemble for simple transport and storage. Scootering is a growing sport in this country not only for racing huskies, and other sled dogs, but also for the dog enthusiast who wants to exercise and have fun with their pets. Anyone can do it with almost any dog. Scootering is an ideal way to exercise dogs that have a tendency to pull.

Dax Scooter


For many dogs our walking or running speed is just too slow for them and they need something extra. Scootering is a safe and controlled means of keeping up with your fast and exercise hungry dogs, allowing them to run as a team to burn off their excess energy. The size of many commercial, three wheeled 'Rigs' can cause problems for storage and transportation. To combat these issues and to open the sport up to the weekend enthusiast, we've developed a 'Mini-Rig' - A foldable, compact, light weight (14.6Kg), easily maintained version - 'Dax-Scooter' This innovative folding design has good ground clearance, frame and fork suspension, great stability disk brakes and obviously compacts to be stored or transported. Features:
  • Folding Frame and Stem, for easy transport and storage
  • Lightweight, only 14.6Kg
  • Frame damper and Suspension Forks (50mm travel) to help make rough terrain smooth
  • BMX style handle bar & Grips
  • 180mm Mechanical Disk brakes
  • 20" Quick Release Wheels
  • Deck with Black grip tape covering
  • Quick Release Stainless steel ‘Brush-Bow'.

The removable Brush-Bow is a stainless steel ‘wheel-guard’. This essential addition to the design provides a safe and secure means by which to attach your dogs to the scooter in an attempt to avoid those nasty high speed tug-line wrapped wheel scenarios. It is also easily detached for free-style fun and tricks Watch this space for more information, tips and demos on dog scootering. Follow this link to see more. http://www.innerwolf.co.uk/scooters-rigs-mushing/dax-scooter.html AVAILABLE NOW! Watch this space for pictures and footage of the scooters in action!

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