Beacon Hill 5 Mile Trail Run, 18th June 7pm. Leicestershire

This might not be everyone’s idea of a way to spend a Friday evening, especially when there is an Engalnd World Cup match on, but from the reports there wasn’t a great deal missed there, although it did have an affect on the turn out.       The weather was ideal for running. Not too cold and not too warm.  Beacon Hill Country Park is a fantastic setting and Wow! what a view when you get to the top.  The run starts with a slow 1 mile climb winding through the tree cover, before this opens up near the top of the beacon. This is were us slower runners quickly fall behind  For the first half mile Sam, black lab, decided that he would pull but soon thought better of it has the incline steepened, thank you Sam. Upon reaching the view across North Leicestershire is quite breathtaking, or was that the 1 mile climb?? Probably a bit of both. And then there is the downhill. Now Sam decides to pull. I flew down. On a couple of occasions I felt like I had to run with the brakes on, which takes more out of you than you think. The course then looped round back to near the start line before a sharp right turn and another long slow incline. It this point Sam is back running beside me. No. Sam, go on, PULL! Just up ahead there was another canicrosser, who I had pulled back a bit of ground on the downhill, and I thought if I could stay close on this hill then there has to be another downhill coming were I could go past. But, with her little Staffie pulling like a freight train and Sam’s nose now engaged the gap slowly increased as my legs steadily tired. At this point a few runners went past me. The course then passes near to the top of the beacon again. Another outstanding view! And a chance to get your breathe back. The field had now really opened out and I found a nice steady pace. Time to just enjoy it with a nice steady downhill before taking to more tree cover and then the last of the uphill’s, a couple more runners went past on this hill - I must do more hill training - before another steady mile downhill the finish. Then through the trees I could hear a few shouts, those welcome signs that the finish is not far away. I check the Garmin and it showed that I’d cover around 4.5 miles. So with only half a mile to go I picked up the pace, hoping that Sam was going to help out at this point too, but he decided again that running next to me was the better option. Crossing the finish line felt very good indeed. There were already a fair few runners there to cheer the other runners home.  My finish time was 45.53min which is better than I expected to do. I haven’t run 5 miles for some time so to finish it and at that pace felt good. I’m not sure if my body is quite agreeing with that now as I type this.   I’d like to say a big thank you to the race organisers,, check out their website for more events, and the race sponsor’s, for what was all round a great event and a very good way to spend a Friday evening. I’ll be doing it again. Equipment used; Sam, Ruffwear Webmaster Harness Skijor Now Waist belt and line Me, Asics Gel Landreth 5 (from Leicester Running Shop, Claredon Park)

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