Battersea Dogs home teams up with LBC for abandoned dogs

Unfortunately, even in 2016, abandoned dogs are still a huge problem in the UK. In partnership with London based (available nationally via digital) radio station LBC, Battersea dogs home have launched a week long campaign to help rehome some of the abandoned dogs Battersea have had to take in.

Monday’s dog, Artu, a Husky cross came all the way from Italy, while Wednesday’s dog was an eight year old Staff, bought in as a stray by a member of the public. The dogs had a great time appearing live on air;

Rehoming stray dogs is always a tricky affair, we’ve found a number of the larger rehoming centres and charities won’t allow you to adopt a dog if you have small children in the house (one place we spoke to had a lower age cut off of 13!). We can only assume that in these cases, the rehoming centres don’t want to be responsible for a dog that ultimately hurts a child, but my view would be that if you were concerned the dog might get itself into trouble, then it probably shouldn’t be rehomed anyway! Other countries, like Australia don’t seem to have such restrictions and therefore, it would appear, to have much shorter list of dogs waiting to be rehomed. Bringing a dog into a child’s life can have huge benefits to both the child and the dog. Children develop a sense of responsibility, they learn to care and they learn how to behave around other peoples dog and other animals they may meet.

Lets home this latest campaign gets more dogs where they should be – In a caring and loving home with owners of every age, out walking, exploring and sharing adventures.

To view Battersea’s current dogs who are looking for a home, visit

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