First Aid Kit

Price: £6.45

Product Overview

This first aid kit for cats and dogs is ideal for being prepared in case of an emergency as well as being able to help your pet effectively.

The first aid kit contains 1 bag, 1 wound compress, 1 packet of bandages, 1 fixing bandage, 1 adhesive tape on a roll, 2 alcohol swabs, 1 disposable syringe, 20 ml, 1 pair of plastic tweezers, 1 pair of latex gloves, 1 flea and lice comb, 1 pair of tick tweezers and a dog muzzle loop. The first aid booklet illustrates some emergency examples, tells you about the correct pet owner’s behaviour and explains the examples of use of each set element.

The bag has two peel fastenings on the backside and can be fixed easily at the pet owner’s belt.

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