Canicross Starter Set with Second Skin Harness

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  • Canicross Starter Set with Second Skin Harness
  • Canicross Starter Set with Second Skin Harness
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  • Canicross Starter Set with Second Skin Harness
  • Canicross Starter Set with Second Skin Harness


To allow you more options, rather than listing pre-selected kits containing specific items, now you can choose your combination of waist belt, bungee line and harness and still receive the

Go to the Running and Canicross Page, link here, and select your combination. Select a Waist Belt - Select a Bungee Line - Select a Dog Harness.


This is a basic starter kit ideal for anyone looking to give canicross a go. The kit includes all that you'll need to get started; belt, line and dog harness.

Waist Belt and Running Line

This waistbelt and line combination is ideal for anyone starting out in and getting a feel for the sport of canicross. Made of soft neoprene and hard-wearing nylon it is ideal for cani-cross, jogging, nordic walking etc.  The lead system evenly spreads the pull of the dog across the waist and gives more freedom of movement as both hands are free.

  • sudden tugs by the dog are softened by the expanding lead
  • comfortable to wear due to neoprene padding
  • 2 D-rings for attaching dirt bag or keys
  • with reflective piping and stripes for more safety
  • quick release due to buckle
  • lead with hand loop, thus suitable for normal leading as well


Waist belt: 70cm/27" - 114cm/45"

Line: 110cm/43" - 150cm/59"

Howling Dog Second Skin Harness

The harness colour supplied may vary, either red or black. This ultra-light and ultra-modern harness is made out of a breathable and quick drying mesh fabric. This harness fits a dog’s body like a glove. Our Second Skin™ Harness is very comfortable for the dog to wear and it is suitable for any activity where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog’s back. This includes skijoring, bikejoring, scootering, jogging as well as sledding. The length of the Second Skin™ Harness (including the tug loop) is about the same as the length of a regular x-back harness. But unlike an x-back harness, our Second Skin™ Harness will relieve the pressure off the dog’s hips.

Receive a free Howling Dog Alaska key chain with every Second Skin™ Harness purchase.

For proper harness fit measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. Not sure about size? Go by the weight of your dog


Size Neck Girth Weight
Small 19"/48cm 23"-27"/60-70cm 40-50 lbs/18-22.5kg
Medium 20"/50cm 25"-34"/64-85cm 51-60 lbs/23-27kg
Large 21"/53cm 29"-38"/74-98cm 61-70 lbs/27-32kg
X Large 22"/56cm 30"-43"/78-110cm 71-80 lbs/32-36kg
XX Large 23-24"/60-62cm 32"-44"/82-115cm 81-90 lbs/36-41kg