Canicross Starter Kit with Non-Stop X-Back Harness

  • Canicross Starter Kit with Non-Stop X-Back Harness
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To allow you more options, rather than listing pre-selected kits containing specific items, now you can choose your combination of waist belt, bungee line and harness and still receive the

Go to the Running and Canicross Page, link here, and select your combination. Select a Waist Belt - Select a Bungee Line - Select a Dog Harness.


Rock Empire Lite Waist Belt

TheRock Empire Lite Waist belt is a technical belt but once adjusted will fit like a glove - very comfortable and extremely lightweight, you will hardly even know you are wearing it. The back strap takes all the pulling force and is designed to sit very low. The mesh padding has good grip and prevents sliding or movement when running. Fixed leg straps (non-removable) prevent the belt from sliding up into the lower back, and waist strap prevents the belt from sliding down. Available in Black. Fits up to 36" waist.

Non-Stop Nome X-Back Harness

This is an more simple harness for dog's with a lower point of pulling. It got reflex on back and neck to make the dog more visible in the dark. The harness weighs about 140 g, and is available in size 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. The same size guide as the Free Motion harness.

The fabric is durable at the same time as it is comfortable for the dog and prevents burn marks. Well padded around the frame of the harness.

  • Easier harness for dog's with a lower pulling point.
  • Reflective back and neck
  • Weighs only 140 g
  Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9
Weight (kg) 14-20kg 20-26kg 25-32kg 31-37kg 37-43kg 40kg +
Harness Neck Opening * 36-41cm 40-45cm 44-49cm 48-55cm 55-60cm 59-65cm
Front Strap ** 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm

* Measure the Lower part of your dog's neck close to the chest to get the correct size.
** Measure from the sternum to immediately behind the dog's forelegs. If your dog has a very muscular chest you may need to go up a size.

Running Line

This is a very popular polypro line with elastic for Canicross, skijoring, cycling, etc. The strong elastic increases the comfort for both dog and owner. The running line comes with a strong brass trigger hook.