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FREE Wild Flower seeds with every order in May.

FREE Wild Flower seeds with every order in May.

Posted by Inner Wolf on 29th Apr 2022

Free Wild Flower Seeds

As dog owners we are in the perfect position to help spread a little colour and help the bees and butterflies. Many of the verges would benefit from a bit of colour and at the same time providing the habitat for insects and encouraging biodiversity.

This also fits in nicely with the with the No Mow May campaign #nomowmay to promote and encourage bees, butterflies and wildlife. Bring your dog walks to life.

So for the month of May we are giving away a free packet of UK wild flower seeds with every order.

Simply pick a spot on your favourite walk and scatter the seeds. The seed pack provides coverage for between 1-2 square metres.

There is no need to add to cart, we will simply include the seeds with every order. 

Wild Flower