BICE WalkyGuard Dog Guard

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WalkyGuard is a new and innovative headrest-mounted universal dog guard. Its adjustments for width and height make it suitable for almost all vehicles with rear head rests, and it’s certainly the fastest and easiest guard to fit and remove that we’ve seen – not more than a couple of minutes.

If your car hasn't got adjustable rear seat headrests, this dog guard won't fit - please don't order it!

As well as fitting almost all vehicles, i.e. being particularly good value for money, it doesn’t impede the normal use of a fixed or rolling parcel shelf / boot blind – that’s a unique feature of a well designed headrest-mounting guard.

Almost as important in our experience is that the WalkyGuard doesn’t rattle – one of the irritating bugbears of many dog guards. It’s a one piece welded construction with no potential for metal on metal vibration, with a black powder-coated finish.

The WalkyGuard is held in place with only two brackets, well protected to prevent damage to either the headrest posts or the WalkyGuard. Position the WalkyGuard centrally against the back of the rear headrest posts, hook a clamp around one post on each side, and tighten; it’s that simple.

The guard adjusts from 31cm high by 86cm wide to a maximum 46.5cm high by 142cm wide. The top bar is easily removed if there is not enough headroom - many cars have limited headroom in the boot space.

Additional fitting notes:

  • Use the rectangular guide bar to position the guard centrally on top of the back seat, then secure it to two headrests by tightening the holding brackets around two headrest posts - an easy one handed operation.
  • Once the guard is in place the horizontal bars should be adjusted so they don't quite touch the edge of the vehicle, and then given a quarter turn which locks them in position.
  • Removing the guard is as easy as fitting it - just loosen off the tightening knobs and remove from the headrest posts.

BICE WalkyGuard Dog Guard

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