Aqueos Kennel, Patio and multi-Use Disinfectant 1 Litre

AQC7023 Kennel and Patio Disinfectant with Hosepipe Applicator (Dilutes to 40 Litres) Independently proven to EN test standards against Canine ParvoVirus and effective to 99.999% against bacteria and fungi within 30 seconds, Aqueos kills harmful pathogens before they have time to develop. Designed for use on kennels, yards, patios and decking, the hose applicator attaches to a Hozelock (or similar connector) to automatically dilute the concentrate by 40:1 enabling rapid disinfection whilst effectively inhibiting mould or fungal growth on the treated areas for several days after application. As a 1 litre bottle produces 40 litres of product, the hose applicator is a practical and economic solution for disinfecting larger outdoor spaces. With the same chemical hazard rating as water the diluted product can be used without any protective equipment and may be safely sprayed directly onto your dog, garden or plants without causing damage. Being biodegradable it is also far more environmentally friendly. Conforms to European Standards EN14476 for viruses, EN1276 for bacteria types and EN1650 against fungi and moulds.

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